Toga Beats Track 20 Lyrics

Download Toga Beats Track 20 Lyrics: Fifth Declension Nouns

Engage your student in learning Latin grammar through aural, oral, visual, and kinetic learning. Grammar set to catchy electronic music makes Latin, like a favorite song, stick in the student's head. Listen to the tracks, read along on the lyrics sheet, sing the lyrics yourself with the karaoke tracks, and, if the music moves you, dance to the beat of declensions and conjugations! Available as individual tracks or download all thirty at a reduced price. The "karaoke" version contains the music from all thirty tracks without the lyrics. Make sure to create an account before purchasing to be able to access downloads for multiple devices.

FREE Download Track 1: First Declension Nouns

Lyric tracks contain: (download the Lyric sheet pdf for complete information about each track)

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