They Did It First

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How did the ancients treat their pets? What did they do if they needed a quick bite to eat? What sorts of games did their children play? Such details emerge in this compendium of “out-of-the-way” facts and amusing anecdotes, shedding light on daily life in classical Greece and Rome. They Did It First provides a multifaceted look at the ancient world—from the obscure to the surprisingly familiar—by deftly weaving together evidence from written sources and material culture. As the author proceeds through an assortment of topics, parallels between antiquity and the modern world become clear.

Like its companion quotation collection, They Said It First, this miscellany is suitable for both casual readers and those looking for an accessible reference guide. Well-considered citations of both primary and secondary sources encourage further research, perfect for anyone curious about the activities and inventions of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

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