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The Journey of Odysseus

You are Odysseus, the wiliest hero of ancient Greece. Your love for family is as strong as your quest for adventure. What will you do, when given the choice of immortality? Or when a man-eating monster has you and your men trapped in his cave?


The Key
The first volume of a dazzling trilogy, THE KEY shows a world on the verge of collapse through the eyes of its greatest and most passionate poet. Gaius Valerius Catullus, the boy from the provinces who became the lover of the most powerful and beautiful married woman in Rome, is dead at twenty-nine. His friend Marcus Caelius Rufus must search for the meaning of his life in the slums and bloody secret cults, the palaces and law courts of the tottering Roman Republic. Vivid, exciting, carefully researched and beautifully written, THE KEY has been a cult favorite in hardbound for year

The Labors of Aeneas: What a Pain It Was to Found the Roman Race

This paperback book retells the story of The Aeneid in a light-hearted and understandable manner with humorous insights and asides. This volume makes Books I-XII of Vergil's Aeneid enjoyable and easy to follow and may be used in conjunction with the Latin text of Vergil's Aeneid in high school classrooms.


The Lock
This historical novel presents the major characters and events in the waning Roman Republic from the point of view of Cicero, the greatest orator and finest statesman of ancient Rome. It depicts the conflict that led to the collapse of the Republic and Cicero’s single-handed struggle which staved off its collapse for 15 years.

The Wrath of Achilles

You are Achilles, the greatest hero Greece has ever known. You fight with honor and pride. Your skills at arms are unmatched. You have never experienced defeat. But on the battlefields of Troy you have a decision to make: stay true to your code of honor and not fight, or come to the aid of your countrymen and win fame and glory, becoming an even greater legend.


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