Author: Charles E. Bennett
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ISBN: 978-0-86516-261-7
Pages: 303
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A model of clarity and precision, Bennett's New Latin Grammar uses copious specific examples from primary sources to teach Latin's inflections, syntax, sounds, accents, particles, and word formations. This reprint of Bennett's 1908 revised grammar remains a highly regarded, widely-used resource both in and out of the classroom. Traditional in its structure and exhaustive in its scope, the descriptions of all things grammatical remain accessible and current after over 100 years of Latin pedagogy.


"The object of this book," stated Bennett in the preface to his 1894 edition, "is to present the essential facts of Latin grammar in a direct and simple manner, and within the smallest compass consistent with scholarly standards."


Special Features

  • An introduction on the history and stages of development of the Latin language
  • Sections on prosody, the Roman calendar, Roman names and definitions, and figures of syntax and rhetoric
  • Indices of the sources of the illustrative samples and principal parts of the most important verbs
  • General index


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Review by: Robert Curtis, The Classical Outlook - September 28, 2005
Great pleasure attends the reissue of Bennett’s New Latin Grammar by Bolchazy-Carducci. Unavailable since Allyn and Bacon’s reprint went out of print many years ago, teachers and students alike can rejoice in its reappearance. Bennett’s definitions and explanations of basic grammatical and syntactical points are a paragon of clearness and succinctness. I strongly recommend it for all high-school teachers and for undergraduates at all levels; for graduate students and scholars it is ideal for a quick look since the organization is clear and ‘user-friendly.’
Review by: Bette Ruellan, University of San Francisco - September 28, 2005
This is truly Latin grammar at its finest: logical and succinct… indispensable for undergraduate majors and minors and even clear enough to use at the secondary level. It is simply the best.
Review by: Richard Trapp, San Francisco State University - September 28, 2005
What a joy it is to have Bennett’s New Latin Grammar available again to a wide audience of students and instructors of classics! The Grammar presents clearly and precisely with short, specific examples from primary sources the inflections and syntax of Latin and gives a fundamental understanding of the sounds, accent, particles and word formation in the Latin language. In addition to the clear presentation of these essential principles of grammar and syntax, Bennet’s Grammar provides a student with a brief, but well defined history of the Indo-European family of languages, and also of the stages of development of the Latin language. Students and instructors will find especially helpful Bennett’s sections on prosdy, the Roman calendar, Roman names and the definitions and examples of figures of syntax and rhetoric. I strongly recommend Bennett’s Grammar as an essential tool in the learning of every level of instruction.
Traditional in its structure and exhaustive in its scope, this is a perfect tool for any Latinist.
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