Lumina: Artes Latinae Level 2 Self-Teaching Latin Online Course

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Lumina: Artes Latinae Level 2 online course available Spring 2020

Lumina: Artes Latinae is an online self-teaching Latin course structured to accommodate multiple levels of students, each learning at his or her own pace in a classroom setting during independent study or homeschool setting.

Developed by Dr. Waldo E. Sweet of the University of Michigan for Encyclopedia Britannica, Lumina: Artes Latinae is an easy-to-follow course that includes all the tools a student needs to achieve a firm command of Latin. The course was carefully crafted and refined to suit the needs and abilities of a broad spectrum of students. Lumina: Artes Latinae meets existing foreign language requirements for high school graduation.

Lumina: Artes Latinae is hosted on Moodle. This online course format designed by Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc. is developed from Dr. Waldo Sweet’s original version of Artes Latinae. The Lumina: Artes Latinae online course uses the same Programmed Method of teaching Latin with an interactive methodology.

The online course, Level Two, includes all content equivalent to print Level Two, Books One and Two, and the original audio files, plus the Teacher's Manual, the Graded Reader, the Graded Reader Teacher's Manual, the Reference Notebook, the Text Booklet, and the Guide to Unit Tests.

The online course features three different pronunciations. At the click of an icon, students can choose the American Scholastic classical pronunciation by Dr. Waldo Sweet; the Restored Classical pronunciation of Dr. Robert Sonkowsky and Dr. Barbara Sonkowsky; or the Continental/Ecclesiastical pronunciation of Dr. Clarence Miller and Dr. Nancy Llewellyn.

  • American Scholastic — Waldo E. Sweet’s original cassette recordings using a classical pronunciation have been converted to mp3 for this online course format.
  • Restored Classical — Our most current scholarly evidence points to the Restored Classical pronunciation as the most accurate sound of classical Latin. It is used in most colleges and universities.
  • Continental/Ecclesiastical — This pronunciation is commonly encountered in liturgy, music lyrics, and Christian, Medieval, and Neo-Latin texts.

Lumina: Artes Latinae is a one-year subscription. The subscription is 365 days from the day of purchase confirmation.

Access to the Lumina: Artes Latinae teacher’s content for parents/tutors of students taking the Artes Latinae online course is included in the annual subscription.

Bolchazy-Carducci offers individualized support for Artes Latinae subscribers via the Artes Latinae Q & A forum. In this forum, students are invited to ask questions of an experienced Bolchazy Latin instructor, who will respond to queries within three business days.

View the Lumina: Artes Latinae Level 2 curriculum

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For firsthand experience with the functonality of the platform, explore this . It contains activities created for B-C's 2020 Martia Dementia.


Technical Requirements to use Lumina: Artes Latinae

  • Hardware: The Lumina: Artes Latinae online course requires a computer with internet access. The course is hosted on Moodle viewed in a web browser, so no additional RAM or disk space is required other than your web browser requirements.
  • Software: Windows: 7/8/10, VISTA; Apple: Macintosh OS X
  • Web browsers: Windows: Internet Explorer 10 or above, Mozilla/Firefox 10 or higher, Chrome; Apple: Firefox, Safari 1.x or higher, Chrome 54.0.2840.99m or higher
  • Mobile Devices* – Web or Moodle App. Viewing content on most smart phones and tables is supported on mobile web browsers, but the activities function better using the Moodle App. The Moodle App is free and available from the Apple App store and the GooglePlay App store.

*NOTE: some activities function better using a Windows or Macintosh computer/laptop.

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