Authors: M. A. North, A.E. Hillard
Product Code: 3081
ISBN: 978-0-86516-308-9
Pages: 319
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This venerable English text helps students practice Latin composition while strengthening their command of Latin grammar and vocabulary. The 256 exercises are designed to gradually improve students' Latin prose skills.

Special Features

  • Eleven preliminary exercises with bottom-of-page vocabulary cover elementary rules not covered in text
  • 37 lessons on grammatical concepts and constructions, each presented with corresponding set of exercises
  • Exercises become progressively more complex, building on previously presented concepts
  • 256 composition exercises including both discrete sentences and full paragraphs
  • Vocabularies at back of book, keyed to each lesson
  • Special reference section on order of words in Latin
  • Other reference sections include
    - List of key prepositional phrases
    - List of Latin synonyms
    - Military phrases vocabulary
  • General English-to-Latin vocabulary
  • Index of constructions


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Review by: R. S. Kilpatrick, Queen's University of Kingston - September 28, 2005
The tremendous resurgence of interest in Latin and Greek in the 1980s across North American colleges and universities has brought with it the urgent need for suitable textbooks in these areas. Instructors who were themselves taught with the old Rivington texts by M. A. North & A. E. Hillard Greek Prose Composition and Latin Prose Composition have responded enthusiastically to the reissue of these and other Rivington titles. This book is indeed of ‘uncertain years,’ but as the ‘Thirtieth Impression, Thirteenth Edition, 1964’ it has well stood the test of time. I am delighted to see it back.
This venerable text helps students practice Latin composition while strengthening their Latin grammar and vocabulary.
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