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Build Your English Word Power with Latin Numbers

The basic aim of this book is to show some of the linguistic and cultural values of the study of Latin to a very broad spectrum of learners. Students will enhance their vocabularies and their understanding of the English language through a variety of word games and programmed learning frames. The Teacher's Manual provides 9 lesson plans and the key to the student text.


Give your children a firm foundation in English vocabulary which will stay with them all their lives! With this program, you teach the Latin and Greek root words which are so vital to the mastery of English - and you can do it whether you studied Latin or not! For these reasons and more, you should consider purchasing English from the Roots Up.

English from the Roots Up Volume II continues the program begun in Volume I. It gives you 100 NEW GREEK and LATIN ROOT WORDS which you can teach to students from elementary school through high school. you don't need to have a background in Latin and Greek to teach these words. Get the book today and start teaching tomorrow.

Greek and Latin in English Today

Shaping the content of a college-level vocabulary-building course is never easy. This is especially the case when the students enrolled are likely to be pursuing a great range of academic majors from medicine to law, from literature to geology, from psychology to mathematics.


Smith's English-Latin Dictionary

Smith's English-Latin Dictionary is an invaluable resource for students and teachers who are composing Latin verse and prose. It offers what smaller and less comprehensive dictionaries cannot — semantic range, depth, and precision. Each entry is composed of an English word, its corresponding Latin equivalents, and examples drawn from a full range of classical writers. The Index of Proper Names contains the Latin forms of names of thousands of persons, places, and geographical features from Greco-Roman history and mythology, as well as the Judeo-Christian Bible.


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