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Online Content

Lumina: Latin for the New Millennium is an easy-to-use online interactive tool featuring a multitude of practice and review materials. With its guided activities and self-grading exercises, Lumina provides students with immediate feedback and frees up class time for translation, aural-oral work, discussion, and other student/teacher interactivity.

Lumina pairs with the Latin for the New Millennium textbooks. 

Lumina content does require internet access. 

If you are interested in using Lumina: Latin for the New Millennium, in your classroom or as an individual, email for more information.

Lumina: Latin for the New Millennium Level 1

Lumina: Latin for the New Millennium Level 2

Free fair use packets

B-C is offering packets of fair use excerpts of our books that we hope will be useful for teachers as they continue to implement distance learning in response to schools closing due to COVID-19. Ideally, these packets can ease the burden of planning, especially in situations in which students do not have consistent access to the internet or devices.

Each packet is arranged roughly by theme or approximate level, though teachers should feel free to extract the selections that they feel are most beneficial to use with their students.

Introductory Latin Packet
This packet includes selections from:

• 38 Latin Stories, Anne Groton, James May, "The Tragic Story of Phaëthon"
• Ten Latin Fairy Tales, Paula Camardella Twomey, trans. Suzanne Nussbaum, "Gallīna Rūfa" 
• Latin Readings for Review, A. E. Hillard, Cecil George Botting, Donald H. Hoffman, "The Founding of Rome," "Aeneas Addresses His Followers," "The Seven Kings of Rome"
• Civis Romanus: A Reader for the First Two Years of Latin, James M. Cobban, Ronald Colebourn, "The Consuls"
• Latin for the New Millennium Student Workbook, Level 1, Letter from Terentia to Cicero

NEW Resources: Latin Stories, written by Emma Vanderpool and edited by Amelia Wallace and Donald Sprague, to accompany each of the seven review units in Latin for the New Millennium, Level 1.
Chapters 1-3 Review 1:
Chapters 4-6 Review 2:
Chapters 7-9 Review 3: Andromeda
Chapters 10-12 Review 4: Andromache
Chapters 13-15 Review 5:
Chapters 16-18 Review 6: Agrippina
Chapters 19-21 Review 7: Proserpina

Intermediate Latin Packet
This packet includes selections from: 

• Latina Mythica II, Bonnie Catto Chapter 19, "The Wedding of Peleus and Thetis; The Judgement of Paris"
• Latin for the New Millennium Student Workbook, Level 2 "Hildegard’s Hymn"
• Horace: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader, David J. Murphy, Ronnie Ancona "Stormy Love: Ode 1.5"
• Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader, Rose R. Williams, Hans-Friedrich Mueller, Valerius Maximus Facta et Dicta Memorābilia (Memorable Deeds and Sayings) 4.5.6
• Aesop's Fables in Latin: Ancient Wit and Wisdom from the Animal Kingdom, Laura Gibbs, Fable 4: "De Mure Urbano et Mure Rustico" (Barlow 17)
• Excelability in Advanced Latin, Marianthe Colakis, Gaylan DuBose "The Country Mouse and the City Mouse," Horace, Satires, Book II.6.79–97 

Advanced Latin Packet
This packet includes selections from:

• Petronius: Selections from the SATYRICON, Gilbert Lawall, "Two Ghost Stories"
• The Latin of Science, Marcelo Epstein, Ruth Spivak, Pliny the Elder, Historia Naturalis, 8.1–2 ("On Elephants")
• The Other Middle Ages, Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr., "Rhinos and Unicorns"
• Horace: Selected Odes and Satire 1:9, Second Edition Revised, Ronnie Ancona, Ode 1.11
• A Roman Women Reader: Selections from the Second Century BCE through Second Century CE, Sheila K. Dickison, Judith P. Hallett, Tibullus (Sulpicia) 3.9 

Enrichment Materials Packet
This packet includes selections from: 

• Word Mastery through Derivatives, Elizabeth Heimbach, Chapter 4, "Color Derivatives"
• A Latin Picture Dictionary for Everyone: Lingua Latina Depicta, James W. Chochola, Donald E. Sprague, Chapter 6, "Home"
• Latin for the New Millennium, Level 1, Reproducible Exercises: Roman House
• Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource, Gaylan DuBuose, Color-by-grammar activity pages
• Latin Everywhere, Everyday, Elizabeth Heimbach, Chapter 3, "School, College, and University Mottoes"
• Latin for the New Millennium, Level 1, Reproducible Map Exercises: Roman Empire and the City of Rome

Fun Activities

The following activities center around twenty-four of the mythological monsters featured in Martia Dementia 2020. You do not have to participate in Martia Dementia to use these activities with your students. The links provide you and your students with the information you need to complete the mythological monsters worksheet and online activities and play "Quis est?" Make sure to read the mythological monsters descriptions before trying the activities.

Mythological Monsters Descriptions

Mythological Monsters Worksheet

Mythological Monsters online activities with printable certificate of completion

Mythological Monsters "Quis est?" A version of the "Guess Who?" board game