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Modus omnibus in rebus: Moderation in all things

An Athenian tetradrachm provides the background for this quote from Plautus.



Nihil est...simul et inventum et perfectum.: Nothing is simultaneously both conceived and perfected

A bust of Cicero in the Capitoline Museums is behind this line from Cicero.


Non est ad astra mollis e terris via:The trip from the earth to the stars is not an easy one

Seneca's words work well with this photograph of the Eagle nebula, "Pillars of Creation," captured by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.


Non omnis moriar: Not all of me shall die.

The name of the poet resides in this ceiling mosaic from the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.


Rex quondam, Rexque futurus: The once and future king

Malory's words, said to be on the tomb of King Arthur, appear here alongside Arthur, as seen on the Christian Heroes Tapestry in New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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