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Who Loves Me?: Quis me amat?

Family love and closeness in Latin, for kids.
Aided by original artwork and an English translation, children learn the Latin words for family members: mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt (father's brother and sister), uncle and aunt (mother's brother and sister), and cousins. The book begins with "This is a picture of me," and the child gets to draw his image or affix a photo. The original artwork is charming and creative. A complete vocabulary, with emphasis on derivatives, and pronunciation guide are provided; a recording of the text is also available.

Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar

Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar is the classic, comprehensive review of etymology, Latin grammar and syntax, and prosody. Favored by many students and teachers, Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar was enhanced in 1997 with a new foreword and comprehensive bibliography.

In the words of Basil L. Gildersleeve, "Rightly interpreted, grammar is the culmination of philological study, and not its rudiment . . . No study of literature can yield its highest result without the close study of language, and consequently the close study of grammar."?

Smith's English-Latin Dictionary

Smith's English-Latin Dictionary is an invaluable resource for students and teachers who are composing Latin verse and prose. It offers what smaller and less comprehensive dictionaries cannot — semantic range, depth, and precision. Each entry is composed of an English word, its corresponding Latin equivalents, and examples drawn from a full range of classical writers. The Index of Proper Names contains the Latin forms of names of thousands of persons, places, and geographical features from Greco-Roman history and mythology, as well as the Judeo-Christian Bible.

Baroque Music II from the Bolivian Rainforest

Volume two features Latin music by Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726) and Chiquito Indians of South America during the Jesuit missionary period. The Metropolis Chamber Players join the Cathedral Singers on this recording.

Seneca's Moral Epistles

Seneca's Moral Epistles offers an intriguing selection in unadapted Latin of 40 letters of Seneca on philosophical and practical topics ranging from the lofty ("On Integrating Knowledge" and "God Within You") to the nitty-gritty: debauchery at resort baths ("Baiae and Vice") and the woes of over-training ("Against Strenuous Physical Exercise").

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…in Latin!: Vere, Virginia, Sanctus Nicolaus est!

"Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?" On September 21, 1897, the minds and hearts of two people met and in that meeting created magic that has survived more than a century.

What Will I Eat?: Quid Edam?
French fries and pancakes in a "Latin" beat!
Experts recommend that children start a foreign language as early as possible. With this book, a child can start learning Latin at age four. Latin is an excellent foreign language to select. Just ask any lawyer, doctor, scientist, or nurse.

Shock-Headed Peter: in Latin - English - German

You'd REALLY better watch out: cautionary tales that will curl your hair, too: in Latin, German, English
Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann's Der Struwwelpeter, the best known German children's book, was first published in Frankfurt in 1845. "Shock-Headed Peter" or "Slovenly Peter" (as it is mostly known in English speaking countries) has conquered the children's book market of the world not only with dozens of translations but also literally hundreds of imitations, adaptations, take-offs and parodies. These "merry stories and funny pictures for children between 3 and 6 years," as Dr. Hoffmann termed them, are cautionary tales, by turns macabre, touching, and wickedly funny. Where else does every recalcitrant child or cruel adult get his or her "deserts," and that within a few pages?

The Hero and the Sea: Patterns of Chaos in Ancient Myth

Ancient myths about watery chaos uniquely transcend time and culture to speak to the universal human condition as expression to the hopes, aspirations and fears that have defined—for ancient thinkers as well as modern scientists—what it means to be human in a chaotic world.

O Abies (Oh, Christmas Tree): Christmas Carols in Latin

Sing along with Christmas carols in Latin.

Horace Fully Parsed: Word by Word: Books I and II of Horace Odes
The Latin text of Books I and II of Horace's Odes is included along with notes for each word that give complete grammatical, syntactical, mythological, geographical, historical, and vocabulary information.
An Introduction to Greek

This standard textbook introduces students to ancient Greek in an organized, systematic way. Review lessons are included at logical intervals and the last six of 79 chapters are reviews of participles, infinitives, subjunctives, optatives, imperatives, and indicatives.

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