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Under His Father's Wing, Marcus de Auguribus Discit

Encounter stories of ancient Greek and Roman augurs, special seers who interpreted bird signs—entirely in Latin!

Marcus, a young Roman boy, has been struggling to show his father Titus that he is simply not cut out for life as an augur. Why can’t he seek adventure and glory as a soldier? Titus, in turn, can’t quite get Marcus to understand the importance of augury, especially its role in keeping Roman soldiers safe. Titus has seen the dangers of war firsthand and fears for his son’s future. By telling Marcus stories of legendary Greek and Roman augurs, Titus hopes to convey some tough truths about military life—and why divining the gods’ will is essential. Along the way, he also reveals how augury has been woven into the fabric of Rome’s very existence.

Lectiones Memorabiles Volume V

This reader contains the prescribed companion texts for the IB Latin syllabus with examinations in 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027. Same- and facing-page notes provide historical background, cultural context, and grammatical assistance. Introductions to each selection orient students to significant themes and events. The reader includes introductions to each author, appendices on meter and on literary terms, and a historical timeline. Changes to the format and content of the IB Latin syllabus are reflected in this volume of Lectiones Memorabiles.

New Testament Greek

New Testament Greek: A Reading Course is a complete introductory course in Koine Greek that offers a clear, step-by-step approach to the fundamentals needed to read the New Testament in its original language. Concepts are presented in small, manageable increments, followed by short exercises that promote mastery. With a wealth of practice drills, readings, and conceptual questions, New Testament Greek: A Reading Course is ideal for many kinds of learners—including those in homeschool, college, and seminary, as well as autodidacts. Levels 1 and 2 of the student text are each accompanied by a teacher’s manual and a workbook with its own teacher’s manual.

Reading the Gospel of St. John in Greek: A Beginning

The Gospel of John—Made Accessible to All
With Introduction, Notes, Vocabulary, and Grammatical Appendix

New Testament Greek, TM

In this teacher’s manual to accompany the student text for New Testament Greek: A Reading Course, Level 1, author Sally Teague provides expert guidance and helpful commentary alongside an answer key to chapter exercises. In her introduction, Teague establishes the philosophy underpinning the course, explaining how instructors and self-learners can best make use of the textbook series in a variety of educational environments. The teacher’s manual layout parallels the format of the student text, with authorial asides offering up words of wisdom, pointing out tricky topics, and suggesting classroom activities and assessments. Also included is a complete set of reproducible unit tests, as well as corresponding answer keys.

We're Going to the Show

Encounter ancient Roman comedy—entirely in Latin!

Titus, named after Roman playwright Titus Maccius Plautus, lives with his parents and sisters on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Without much time for leisure, everyone in the family looks forward to festival days. Titus in particular eagerly awaits the ludi scaenici, special celebrations when plays are performed. But when it’s time to honor Magna Mater, the Great Mother goddess, with a comedy, Titus wakes up late! Can he catch up with his father and sisters and find a seat in time to watch the show?