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A New Latin Syntax
This book gives a historical account of the chief Latin constructions, aiming to equip students to interpret texts as well as to write correct Latin. The index of passages quoted makes it useful as a reference work for teachers.
On Unbelievable Tales: Palaephatus: Peri Apiston

Palaephatus, a contemporary of Aristotle, sought to reinforce belief in the historicity of ancient heroes by tracing the evolution of "actual" events into marvelously embellished myths.

Latine Cantemus: Cantica Popularia Latine Reddita

Singing together is a form of amusement and delight...singing in a foreign language provides an enjoyable opportunity to practice the linguistic structures vital to communication in a foreign language.

The Phaedra of Seneca

Complete with abundant notes and vocabulary aids, this text makes Seneca's masterpiece of Roman tragic poetry an accessible Latin read for advanced high school and college students at the intermediate level. Forty pages of analysis questions and comments and an updated English translation of Euripides' Hippolytus for comparison provide instructors and students a full course unit.

Phormio: A Comedy by Terence

This unique textbook features a reproduction of the Phormio of the Bembinus Manuscript, with each of the 50 pages faces with a description to enable the students to experience the novelty and pleasure of reading a fourth-century manuscript. The text contains an edited version of the play, notes, and vocabulary.

Plato: Apology

An annotated Greek text of Plato's Apology of Socrates (complete), the revised 2003 edition of this popular textbook has many student-friendly features that include vocabulary and grammatical notes now on the same page and pages facing the text, and three new appendices.

Plautus' Menaechmi

Easily the best known of Plautus' plays, Menaechmi's popularity has rested on its broad farcical humor and exuberant dialogue. This edition aims to make a first reading the enjoyable experience it was meant to be.

Vergil's Dido and Mimus Magicus

Composer Jan Novak's haunting choral rendition of Vergil's ancient poetry commences with the voice of Dido the queen, foreshadowing a tragic tale of love and duty. Widely acclaimed in Europe, Novak's Dido and Mimus Magicus is now available to American audiences in a CD recording and a 3-language libretto.

Voyage to Maryland (1633) Relatio Itineris in Marilandiam

Full color, exquisite gift book: the new world described with new eyes: Latin-English dual language edition.
This lively chronicle is an eyewitness account of American history. Voyage to Maryland (1633) details, through the eyes of Andrew White, S.J., the characters, settings and events of the 17th century expedition that resulted in the founding of the Maryland colony. A Jesuit priest and amateur naturalist, White had a curious nature, keen powers of observation and a vivid literary presentation. Through his unique sensibilities and talents, we are able to experience the wonders and perils — from the botanical to the spiritual — of his historic voyage.

Herodotus: The Wars of Greece and Persia
This book offers a fascinating introduction to Herodotus, the "father of history" and master storyteller. The introductory stories are laid out in a presentation that brings the reader comfortably along through the simplified language. The book includes student notes, vocabulary, and introductions.
Woman's Power, Man's Game: Essays on Classical Antiquity in Honor of Joy K. King
Woman's Power, Man's Game is a revealing and thoughtful analysis of women in antiquity, as portrayed in classical literature. The book features essays by 12 classicists who provide provocative examinations of significant aspects of female situations in antiquity.
Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource
A collection of resources, activities, and reproducible worksheets that provides both new and veteran teachers with a variety of opportunities to make instruction and practice in Latin lively and memorable.
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