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From Bolchazy-Carducci's archives comes Myth Is Truth, an introduction to comparative mythology by our founder, the late Dr. Ladislaus "Lou" Bolchazy. In the course of this radio series, Dr. Bolchazy deconstructs the familiar stories of the Judeo-Christian religions into their mythological roots, "demythologizing" them so that we can access the values and symbols that lie at the center of Western civilization. Each episode in the series focuses on a different theme in religion, with a focus on revealing the truths behind myth. Examining the common symbols that permeate human culture, Dr. Bolchazy creates an engaging experience perfect for anyone interested in mythology and anthropology. Myth Is Truth provides not only an accessible way to discover the foundations of the Western tradition, but also a way to discover the foundations of Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers. Myth Is Truth represents the best of Bolchazy-Carducci's commitment to "A Better Future through the Lessons of the Past."


Myth Is Truth, a series of interviews with Dr. Nancy Boyle as host and Dr. Bolchazy as comparative mythology scholar was broadcast by WLUC, Loyola University Chicago, in 1977 and by WRRG, Triton College, in 1978. Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers takes great pleasure in providing these as free downloads for classicists and students of mythology across the globe.


Editor's Note:
Please bear in mind that Dr. Bolchazy assumes a Judeo-Christian audience and at times a Christian audience for some of his remarks in the radio programs. Nonetheless, his insights are very valuable for students seeking to understand the role of myth in the Western mainstream religious tradition. We suggest simply informing students of the presence of such an assumption. As part of the learning activity, some instructors might ask students to watch for and note when the assumption appears.


Synopses of Individual Broadcasts


Don't Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: The Meaning and Purpose of Demythologizing

In this first episode of Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth, a series from Bolchazy-Carducci's archives, we explore the reasoning behind taking the myths out of the Judeo-Christian Bible to enhance our understanding of both modern religions and the religions of the ancient world. Join Dr. Bolchazy as he unearths the truths that exist within myths and discusses their philosophical implications. Dr. Bolchazy puts forth a compelling argument for reading scripture in the deeper, mythological context that informs the way we understand our religions, without discarding the ideas that form the foundations of our faith. While Dr. Bolchazy assumes a Judeo-Christian audience, the principle of understanding how myth informs a religion is applicable to other traditions as well.

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Stories of Creation in the Old and New Testament

In this engaging selection from Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth program, Dr. Bolchazy examines the sources of Judeo-Christian stories of creation. Discover that there is not just one, but countless stories of creation that appear in the Bible. Explore the mythological and theological roots that influenced the early Hebrews. Join our founder on a journey to unearth the stories of how the world was created-a journey not only educational, but highly engaging and enlightening.

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Bull the Savior

In this audio program, Dr. Bolchazy examines the motif of the bull throughout ancient religion. Additionally, the connections between depictions of the bull within such ancient belief systems as the mysteries of Mithras, the mysteries of Cybele, the Dionysiac mysteries, Egyptian religion, and Hebrew religion are discussed. The traditional roots of communion are touched upon in addition to the influence that surrounding civilizations had on early Hebrew theology. On an even more interesting note, we discover the identity and significance of the infamous golden calf from the Hebrew book of Exodus.

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The Death and Resurrection of Gods

In this audio program from the Bolchazy-Carducci archives, Dr. Bolchazy reflects upon the origins of the concept of the death and resurrection of a god. This program also discusses the roots of the concept of baptism, specifically in relation to the various mystery religions that existed within the ancient Mediterranean world. In this context, the story of the theology of the Dionysiac mysteries is told. We also discuss the unique theological aspects of Christianity, particularly its concept of resurrection rather than deification. Join us as we discover the fragments of ancient Greek religion that lie within the modern Judeo-Christian religious experience.

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Jesus Christ and the Composite Superhero

In this audio program from the Bolchazy-Carducci archives, Dr. Bolchazy reflects upon religious and mythological similarities between mythic heroes and Jesus Christ. In particular, we explore the similar motifs of virgin birth and a divine parent. In a surprising turn of events, we find that Moses has much in common with the Greek hero Perseus. Join Dr. Bolchazy as he compares and contrasts various mythic heroes of both ancient and Judeo-Christian religion.

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Paradises Lost

Discover the universal myth of an original paradise with Dr. Bolchazy in this unique audio program that discusses the similar depictions in ancient religion of humanity's loss of innocence. Find out how the biblical Eden compares to the Greek Elysium and the Mesopotamian Dilmum. Peer into the various versions of the original paradise and the loss of immortality. Find out how ancient humankind's nostalgia manifested itself in stories of a lost paradise.

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Satan: Symbol or Reality?

In this iteration of Myth Is Truth, Dr. Bolchazy examines the concept of Satan. In particular, the transition from deities who act as representations of nature to the more familiar idea of a good or evil god is discussed. Through his highly accessible language and trademark enthusiasm for comparative mythology, Dr. Bolchazy presents humanity's slowly evolving vision of what Satan is/was and explains the misconceptions that often plague people's attempts to understand evil. Find out how religious innovations made by Zoroastrianism paved the way for more modern understandings of good and evil. (No audio for this radio program, download the transcipt PDF to read this content.)


The Fall(s) from Grace

In another iteration of Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth, Dr. Bolchazy "demythologizes" the biblical myth of humanity's fall from grace, utilizing similarities with other ancient religions to inform modern understanding of the fall. Discover, with Dr. Bolchazy, the universal nature of humankind's fall, the identity of the mysterious serpent in the Garden of Eden, and the story's implications for the human condition.

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The Serpent in Indo-European Religions: Who Is the Serpent in the Garden of Eden?

In another compelling selection from Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth series, we explore the identity of the mysterious serpent in the Garden of Eden. Addressing numerous misconceptions, Dr. Bolchazy presents the various identities of the symbol of the serpent found in both Greek and Indo-European civilizations. Learn how the symbol of the serpent transformed from a god of medicine into the sinister character with which we are so familiar.

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The Flood: Fact or Symbol

Join Dr. Bolchazy as he "demythologizes" the ancient story of the flood, identifying the similarities between various myths of a great flood. Examining the earlier roots of a well-known story, Dr. Bolchazy discusses the philosophical implications of the different depictions of the god(s) causing the flood. Discover the ways one story was used to teach dramatically different religious principles.

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Unisex and Androgyny: Reliving Our Mythical Origins

In this iteration of Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth series, we discuss the mythological origins of androgyny and its implications for modern life. Dr. Bolchazy addresses myths of androgyny present within both Judeo-Christian and ancient Greek traditions, delving into the various theories of gender that are present throughout human civilization to inform the ways we make meaning in this modern world. Discover your "better half" in the stories of antiquity.

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Virgin Births

Join Dr. Bolchazy as he examines the mythical origins of the concept of virgin birth that is so central to modern Christianity. In another exploration of ancient religious myths, Dr. Bolchazy discusses the similar stories of virgin birth present not only in the Greco-Roman stories of such heroes as Romulus and Remus, but also in the figures of the Indo-European tradition like Zoroaster. While discussing appearances of the motif in Greek tragedy, Dr. Bolchazy reflects upon the interestingly similar depictions of the birth of Dionysus and that of Jesus Christ. (No audio for this radio program, download the transcipt PDF to read this content.)


The Mythology of an Afterlife

In another engaging segment of Dr. Bolchazy's Myth Is Truth, he examines the varying myths of an afterlife. Dr. Bolchazy addresses how beliefs about the afterlife have evolved throughout history, informing Judeo-Christian conceptions of the most mysterious of religious matters.

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