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Dabit deus his quoque finem: God will also give an end to these things

This quote from Vergil's Aeneid looms over these Pompeiian remains, much like Mount Vesuvius in the background.


Damnant quod non intellegunt: They condemn what they do not understand

Together this quote and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina nod to the Library of Alexandria, lost in antiquity.


Ego sum rex Romanus et supra grammaticam: I am a Roman king and above grammar

Pisanello's portrait of Sigismund of Luxemburg, now in Vienna, is placed behind a quote, possibly from the king himself.


Errare est humanum.: To err is human

Eraser shavings serve as a nice addendum to this quote.


Experientia docet: Experience teaches

A weathered column stands behind this line from Tacitus.


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