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G. B. Cobbold G. B. Cobbold has taught classics in secondary schools in the UK and USA-currently at Tabor Academy, Marion, Massachusetts. Cobbold holds a BA and MA from Cambridge University. He is the author of Rome: Empire without End (Wayside, 1995) and Hellas (Wayside, 1999). He is the translator for Vergil's Aeneid: Hero War Humanity (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2005), The Red Flare: Cicero's On Old Age (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2012), and The Right Thing to Do: Cicero's De Officiis (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2014).

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  • The Right Thing to Do: Cicero's De Officiis

    Author: G. B. Cobbold
    Product Code: 8245
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-824-4

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    Cicero's De Officiis is, on its surface, a letter from Cicero to his son Marcus. It was, however, clearly intended for a much wider audience. The essay is about making decisions: how should we distinguish between right and wrong, and how should we determine, in any set of circumstances, how to behave? Cicero's essential message is clear: if we are always kind and considerate of other people, we cannot go wrong, but, if we think only of ourselves, we will always go wrong. This translation of Cicero's work is intended for anyone interested in Roman history or ancient philosophy, in reading the classics in translation, or in contemplating how to do the right thing.