Scott Hadley

Scott Hadley B.A., Spanish, Northern Arizona University
M.A., Spanish Literature, Arizona State University
Since 1987 Scott Hadley has been teaching English-Spanish translation at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (Puebla, Mexico) where he also studied and teaches Latin.

Scott Hadley's Books

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  • Lingua et Lengua: Latin and Spanish for Students of English

    Authors: Rose R. Williams, Scott Hadley
    Product Code: AG236

    Description & More Details

    This little book is a stepping stone for people who have some Spanish and want to connect it to Latin, and for people who have some Latin and want to connect it to Spanish. It is not written in a particular idiomatic form in either Latin or Spanish, as idiomatic use in both languages has always varied according to the region in which the language is used and the period of time in which it is used. The stories are chosen to tell the same story in both languages with almost the identical words, and the words used may be less than idiomatic in both languages. After grasping the connections between the two languages in this little study, readers can advance their more exact knowledge of both languages.