Brian Bishop

Brian Bishop

AKA: Brennus Legranus

Brian Bishop is a retired teacher of languages (including Latin), now teaching occasional students. He uses Latin for correspondence and conversation, attending Latin weeks annually in several parts of Europe, and contributes to the Latinteach list on the internet.

Bio in Latin:
Brian Bishop est magister emeritus linguarum, inter quas est lingua latina. Nunc docet per occasionem. Lingua latina utitur in commercia epistularum colloquiisque, et septimanis latinis quotannis in diversis Europae partibus adesse solet. Epistulae ejus electronicae apparent in grege interretiali Latinteach.

Brian Bishop's Books

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  • Recitation of Latin Prose and Verse

    Author: Brian Bishop
    Product Code: AG248

    Description & More Details

    This is a guide to a live and natural appreciation of Latin texts, prose and verse, ancient and modern, based on explanations and quotations by experts through the centuries up to today, with examples. A version in the language of Latinists from all countries is included.

    Description in Latin:
    Explicationes et citationes a peritis omnium saeculorum usque ad dies nostros una cum exemplis nos docent aestimare vigorem et animam orationum solutarum et carminum latinorum, antiquorum et hodiernorum. Inest versio lingua latinistarum ex omnibus orbis terris exarata.