Anthony J. Papalas, PhD

Anthony J. Papalas, PhD Anthony J. Papalas received his PhD from the University of Chicago. He is currently professor of history at East Carolina University. He also published Ancient Icaria (1992), among other books and articles.

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  • Rebels and Radicals: Icaria 1600-2000

    Author: Anthony J. Papalas
    Product Code: 6064
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-606-6

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    First Comprehensive History of Icaria in English

    Anthony J. Papalas has assembled a true "peoples" history by bringing together unusual documents such as dowry agreements and Ottoman court records, memoirs, and accounts of Icaria by people who were involved in the events he describes, all interwoven with informative and perceptive descriptions from forty years of interviews with Icarians from all areas and conditions. Here is a history on the social level, not grand politics or great battles, but rather the everyday existence and immediate choices which, once made, shape succeeding events.