Mary Jaeger, PhD

Mary Jaeger, PhD Mary Jaeger is Professor of Classics at the University of Oregon. Previous publications are Livy’s Written Rome (University of Michigan, 1997), Archimedes and the Roman Imagination (University of Michigan, 2008), and essays on several Latin authors.

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  • A Livy Reader: Selections from Ab Urbe Condita

    Author: Mary Jaeger
    Product Code: 6803
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-680-6

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    The appeal of Livy, the great historian of the Augustan age, lies both in his riveting storytelling and in the sophistication, clarity, and accessibility of his prose. Aiming to preserve the memory of Rome's achievements and morally rejuvenate his contemporaries, Livy takes readers on a tour of Rome's past as he thinks deeply about historiography, its uses, and its challenges.