Jane Crawford, PhD

Jane Crawford, PhD Jane Crawford is professor of classics at the University of Virginia. Crawford studied at the undergraduate level at Smith College and Boston University and received an MA in Latin, an MA in Greek, and a PhD in classics from the University of California at Los Angeles. She was a fellow of the American Academy in Rome in 1982 and a resident in classics at the American Academy in Rome in 1996. A past member of the AP® Latin Test Development Committee and AP Exam Reader, she is currently serving on the SAT II Test Development Committee. Crawford is coauthor with Judith Hayes of A Cicero Workbook (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2006) and is the author of M. Tullius Cicero: The Lost and Unpublished Orations (Vandenhoeck and Ruprect, 1984) and M. Tullius Cicero: The Fragmentary Speeches (Scholar's Press, 1994), and is coauthor with Elizabeth E. Keitel of Cicero: Pro Caelio (Focus Publishing, 2010).

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  • A Cicero Workbook

    Authors: Judith Hayes, Jane Crawford
    Product Code: 6439
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-643-1

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    Latin Literature Workbook Series: These workbooks are a teacher’s dream—providing all the activities and exercises needed to reinforce the careful reading of classical authors in the original. Sets of exercises engage students with the text and lead them to a heightened understanding of the literary, thematic, poetic, and rhetorical accomplishments of the work.