Michelle Kathryn Fraczek

Michelle Kathryn  Fraczek Michelle Kathryn Fraczek, graduate of Wheeling High School (2004). Her hobbies are drawing and painting, and she loves the Beatles. Michelle is also the illustrator of What Will I Eat? (Quid Edam?)

Michelle Kathryn Fraczek's Books

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  • Who Loves Me?: Quis me amat?

    Author: Marie Carducci Bolchazy   Translator: Mardah B.C. Weinfield   Illustrator: Michelle Kathryn Fraczek
    Product Code: 5416
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-541-0

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    Family love and closeness in Latin, for kids.
    Aided by original artwork and an English translation, children learn the Latin words for family members: mother, father, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt (father's brother and sister), uncle and aunt (mother's brother and sister), and cousins. The book begins with "This is a picture of me," and the child gets to draw his image or affix a photo. The original artwork is charming and creative. A complete vocabulary, with emphasis on derivatives, and pronunciation guide are provided; a recording of the text is also available.