Ronnie Ancona, PhD

Ronnie Ancona, PhD Ronnie Ancona is the author of Time and the Erotic in Horace’s Odes (1994), Horace: Selected Odes and Satire 1.9 (1999, 2nd ed. rev. 2014), Writing Passion: A Catullus Reader, (2nd ed. 2013) and Writing Passion Plus (2013), coeditor of Gendered Dynamics in Latin Love Poetry (2005), editor of A Concise Guide to Teaching Latin Literature (2007), and coauthor of A Horace Workbook (2005) and Horace: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader (2008). Her research interests include Latin lyric poetry, women in Greece and Rome, and Latin pedagogy. She is currently Professor of Classics at Hunter College and The Graduate Center (CUNY). In 2009 she won the American Philological Association Award for Excellence in Teaching at the College Level and served as the APA Vice President for Education from 2010 to 2014. She is coeditor of the series Women in Antiquity, Oxford University Press, and editor of the BC Latin Readers series.

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  • Horace: Selected Odes and Satire 1.9: 2nd Edition Revised

    Author: Ronnie Ancona
    Product Code: 6080
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-608-0

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    Ronnie Ancona’s pedagogical expertise and scholarly work on Horace have produced a text that is both student- and teacher-friendly as well as informed by the latest in Horatian scholarship. Horace was a talented and innovative literary craftsman whose lyrics reveal an extraordinary facility and playfulness with the Latin language. Ancona’s edition helps students begin to appreciate the nuances of Horace’s poetic art. The revised second edition features an updated bibliography and more visually appealing maps.