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Gaylan DuBose Gaylan DuBose taught Latin and English for thirty-two years before retiring in May 1997. DuBose received a BA with high honors in English at the University of North Texas and an MA in classics from the University of Minnesota. He remains actively involved in Junior Classical League at the area, state and national levels. He lives in Austin, Texas, and is currently working on two books. DuBose is the author of Farrago Latina: A Teacher Resource (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers and L&L Enterprises, 1997), coauthor with Marianthe Colakis of Excelability in Advanced Latin: A Workbook for Students (Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 2003), and coauthor with Karen Moore of Latin Alive! Book 1 (Classical Academic Press, 2008), Latin Alive! Book 2 (Classical Academic Press, 2010), and Latin Alive! Book 3 (Classical Academic Press, 2013).

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  • Excelability in Advanced Latin: A Workbook for Students

    Authors: Marianthe Colakis, Gaylan DuBose
    Product Code: 5122
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-512-0

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    This workbook for third and fourth year high school Latin students is designed to assist students in reading Latin. A broad selection of Latin authors and texts, only four of which are unadapted, provide practice in reading Latin for comprehension. In addition, the first ten chapters systematically review all of Latin grammar. Two chapters present rhetorical devices, scansion and meter, along with passages for reading comprehension. The passages are taken from a wide variety of genres and texts and offer practice for students preparing to take the SAT II, the National Latin Exam, and the Advanced Placement Latin Literature tests. Every chapter contains exercises for practice and the grammatical and syntactical explanations are keyed to an appendix which contains the forms of Latin words.