Milan Rufus

Milan Rufus Slovak poet laureate Milan Rufus is the most translated Slovak poet into foreign languages. His selected poems have been published in German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Georgian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Ukrainian, and Baltic languages. Recipient of many highest awards, Rufus has been a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature every year since 1993. Like his counterpart Vaclav Havel, Rufus was silenced by the communist regime from writing such "dangerous" thoughts. Being a poet of unusual moral strength, Rufus went underground, becoming a kind of a national conscience for Slovakia. His aim is humanistic values and poetic purity. Foreign translators and literary critics extol not only his heroic courage to put his faith in the resiliency of man under oppression and deprivation of human rights, but also his original ability to synthesize universal humanitarian values with the values of his distinctive Slavic ethnicity.

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