Robert Elsie

Robert Elsie Robert Elsie is from Vancouver BC and currently lives in the Netherlands. He is the author of Anthology of Modern Albanian Poetry (London & Boston 1993), History of Albanian Literature (Boulder 1995), Kosovo: In the Heart of the Powder Keg (New York 1997), Albanian Folktales and Legends (Peja 2001), and Dictionary of Albanian Religion, Mythology and Folk Culture (London & New York 2001).

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  • Songs of the Frontier Warriors: The Albanian Epic Kenge Kreshnikesh

    Translators: Robert Elsie, Janice Mathie-Heck
    Product Code: 4126
    ISBN: 978-0-86516-412-3

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    The Songs of the Frontier Warriors is the first English-language translation ever made of Albanian epic verse. As the product of "oral composition," of a little-known culture and in a difficult, rarely studied language, the Albanian epic has tended to remain in the shadow of the Serbo-Croatian, or more properly, Bosnian epic, with which it has undeniable affinities. This translation may thus be regarded as an initial attempt to rectify the imbalance and to give scholars and the reading public in general an opportunity to delve into the exotic world of the northern Albanian tribes. This bilingual edition offers a broad selection of the best known songs. Also included are an introduction, glossaries of terms and sources, and a selective bibliography.