Paul Distler, SJ

Paul Distler, SJ Paul F. Distler, SJ, is a respected author in the field of Latin pedagogy. In 1967 he was recipient of an Ovatio, the highest honor given by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South. He is the author of Teach the Latin, I Pray You (Loyola University Press, 1962; reprinted by Wimbledon Publishing Company, 2000), Latin I: Beginning Reading (Loyola University Press, 1961), Latin II: Progress in Reading (Loyola University Press, 1963), Latin III: Forward in Reading (Loyola University Press, 1965), Latin IV: Appreciation in Reading (Loyola University Press, 1968), and Vergil and Vergiliana (Loyola University Press, 1966).

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  • Teach the Latin, I Pray You

    Author: Paul Distler
    Product Code: 540a
    ISBN: 978-1-89885-540-8

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    Distler's classic book offers concrete advice on the best way to teach Latin morphology, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, as well as how to fashion effective reviews. Distler provides excellent techniques and lists resources, and discusses educational theory.