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Vergil's Aeneid Books I and II

Author: Waldo E. Sweet
Product Code: 0236
ISBN: 978-0-86516-023-1
Pages: 174
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This unique book features a paraphrase in easy Latin facing the original to help students understand the plain meaning of the author. Instead of a typical Latin-English vocabulary, there are selected notes from Servius and others in Latin, explaining the words and phrases of the original. As a result, this excellent text has been said to offer the student total immersion in Latin.

Special Features

  • Introduction to each Book in English interspersed with simple Latin
  • Latin text of Aeneid I and II
  • Facing-page easier Latin paraphrases and Latin explanatory notes
  • Map of Aeneas’ voyage

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Notes from Servius and easy Latin paraphrases in place of English notes immerse students in Latin
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