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Word Mastery through Derivatives Designed for Students of Latin
By author: Elizabeth Heimbach
Product Code: 8539
ISBN: 978-0-86516-853-4
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $24.00

This workbook is specifically constructed for students studying Latin. Veteran teacher Elizabeth Heimbach organizes English derivatives by topic—two chapters devoted to affixes, twelve chapters presenting special topics like mythology, and eleven chapters featuring grammar-related derivatives like prepositions and deponent verb derivatives. A student-friendly and engaging narrative presents derivatives and demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between Latin and English. The text provides students the skills and practice to apply word-building analysis to their study of both Latin vocabulary and English derivatives.

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Word Mastery through Derivatives for Latin Students TM
Product Code: 8547
ISBN: 978-0-86516-854-1
Price:  $29.00

Master teacher Elizabeth Heimbach has developed an indispensable resource for the busy novice or veteran Latin teacher. She provides comprehensive answers to all the questions in the student workbook. Recognizing that practice is key to mastery, the Teacher’s Manual includes two quizzes for each chapter. To assist teachers who need to track student learning, three sets of diagnostic and post-study tests help document student progress.

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