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Spring 2017 Webinars Part II

Tuesday, April 25, 6–7:00 pm ET
How to Maximize Your Latin eBook
Presenter: Bridget Dean, PhD, Managing Editor, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Learn how to use your Latin eBook to fully benefit both you and your students. Discover the eBook's student-friendly and teacher-friendly features. eBooks provide some terrific tools that help students master their Latin studies. Dr. Dean will unravel the "mysteries" of the eBook and will allot ample time to address questions raised by webinar participants.

Bridget Dean, PhD, Managing Editor earned her PhD and MA from The Ohio State University and her BA from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Bridget has taught classics at The Ohio State University and Ohio Wesleyan University. She has worked with high school students, both as a tutor to home-schooled students and as an instructor for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Tuesday, May 2, 6–7:00 pm ET
Teaching the Ancient Mediterranean Environment
Presenter: Angela Commito, PhD, Union College
Professor Commito's richly-illustrated webinar provides insight into contemporary studies of the ancient world. Recent developments in archaeology and palaeo-environmental science have unleashed entirely new ways to study the ancient Mediterranean environment and to understand how people in antiquity interacted with the natural world around them. This webinar will present a series of real, up-to-date archaeological case studies that explore how the Mediterranean environment shaped, and was shaped by, communities of the Greek and Roman world. This material is ideally suited to the classroom because it integrates humanities with natural sciences and provides opportunities for students to make connections to today as they reflect on the causes and consequences of modern resource exploitation and climate change.

Visiting Assistant Professor in Classics Angela Commito earned her PhD in Classical Art and Archaeology at the University of Michigan. She has carried out archaeological fieldwork in Italy, Turkey, and the Republic of Georgia and helps direct two field projects in Turkey. She is currently working on publications of the results of archaeological surveys at Aphrodisias in Turkey and at Vani in western Georgia. Her other research project focuses on the dramatic changes in Greco-Roman life that mark the collapse of classical antiquity in the eastern Mediterranean. She is interested in the archaeology of the countryside, urban abandonment, and social resilience in times of crisis—in other words, the archaeology of apprehension.

Tuesday, May 16, 6–7:00 pm ET
Refugees in Classical Texts and the Modern World
Presenter: Keely Lake, PhD. Wayland Academy, Beaver Dam, WI
This webinar will present a semester-long project undertaken by an Advanced Latin class to connect the ancient world to the modern one. The students researched exile and refugees in Greek and Roman literature and secondary scholarship of the Classics. The students also looked at the current refugee crisis in Europe through news media, political commentary, and governmental reports. The students synthesized their ancient findings as a group though an electronic portfolio and presentation. They compared the ancient and modern situations in an individual paper in English. Finally, they created a Latin composition summarizing the humanitarian issues raised by their explorations. By focusing on world language readiness standards through project-based learning, the assignment was intended to develop student abilities in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Student language skills, cultural knowledge, and digital literacy all improved over the course of the semester.

Keely Lake earned her PhD from the University of Iowa and her BA from the University of South Dakota. She teachers a full range of Latin and Greek, Greco-Roman civilization, and mythology courses at Wayland Academy in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. She began teaching for the College in the Schools Program through the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2009. She is an AP Latin Reader, Table Leader, and as Moderator of the AP Latin Teacher Community and has served as a Workshop Consultant and the College Board Advisor for the Latin AP Development Committee. Dr. Lake has served as President of the Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers and in various capacities for the American Classical League. She is a regular presenter at classics and language conferences. Her excellence as a teacher and her indefatigable advocacy merited her a Classical Association of the Middle States and South Ovatio from in 2011.

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