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We strive toward excellence in both product and service for scholars, teachers, students, and friends so that, as a community, we may be a link to a better future by bringing forward the lessons of the past.

Enjoy Summer!!! Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers' Webinars will resume in September.

Thanks to our webinar presenters and participants for another year of engaging, helpful, and informative professional development presentations. The 2017–2018 line up included:

Robert Cape, PhD
Professor of Classics, Austin College, Sherman,TX
The Art of Translating Latin

Bridget Dean, PhD
Managing Editor, Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
Implementing Latin for the New Millennium;
Special Workshop: eBooks

Caitlin Gillespie, PhD
Instructor, Columbia University, New York, NY
Women and War in the Roman Empire

Thomas “TJ” Howell, Belchertown High School, MA
& Edward Zarrow, PhD, Westwood High School, MA
Using Roman Coins and Material Culture in the Active Classroom

Kelly Northrup
The Webb School, Bell Buckle, TN
No Time for a Project: Four Quick Cross-cultural Activities for Latin

Tara Sewell-Lasater
Instructor, University of Houston, Houston, TX
Amazons: The Myth, the Meme, the Reality

Terence Tunberg, PhD
Professor of Classics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Latin for the New Millennium: Using the Aural/Oral Component

Phillip F. Venticinque, PhD
Associate Professor of Classics, Cornell College, IA
Honor Among Thieves: Craftsmen, Merchants, and Associations in Roman and Late Roman Egypt

Lynne West
Bellarmine Preparatory School, San Jose, CA
Some Tech Tips Useful for Review

Please note: The Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers Webinar Program is intended to be a live interactive endeavor in which presenter and attendees ask questions, make comments, seek clarification, share examples, etc. Thus, by design and in order to protect the presenter’s intellectual property, B-C does not make recordings available to non-attendees. B-C encourages those interested in a given topic or presenter to plan to attend the live webinar.

If you have suggestions for future webinars, please contact Don Sprague.

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*Current web browsers: Internet Explorer 8, FireFox 3, Google Chrome, Safari 4 or 5. Flash Player available from Adobe.com: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. Consult your school IT dept.

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