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Classical Conferences and Meetings in 2018

September 29, 2018
Monmouth College
Monmouth, IL
Representative:Bridget Dean

October 4–6, 2018
The Inn at Penn
Philadelphia, PA
Representative: Donald Sprague
Friday, October 5, 2018
"Peritrope, or Retorsion, Arguments from Antiphon and Socrates" David Murphy, coauthor Horace: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader and A Horace Workbook

Friday, October 5, 2018
"Panel Eight: The Landmark Julius Caesar (LMJC): A New Resource for Latin Teachers and Students"
Panelist Hans-Friedrich Mueller, author Caesar: Selections from his Commentarii De Bello Gallico; coauthor Caesar: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader

October 6–7, 2018
Norris University Center
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
Representative: Amelia Wallace
"The Jewish Diaspora in the Roman Context" Bolchazy-Carducci Editor Amelia Wallace

October 18–20, 2018
At the invitation of Wake Forest University
Hawthorne Inn and Conference Center
Winston-Salem, NC
Representatives: Bridget Dean and Amelia Wallace
Thursday, October 18, 2018
9:45 am
"Playing her Part, Onstage and Offstage: Actresses and Family in the Roman World" John Starks, Jr., coauthor, Latin Laughs: A Production of Plautus' POENULUS
1:00 pm
"Hercules and the Hydra as Modern Political Commentary" Thomas Sienkewicz, coauthor, Vergil: A LEGAMUS Transitional Reader.

October 26–27, 2018
Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY
Representative: Donald Sprague

Friday, October 26, 2018
3:15–4:00 pm
"Academic Conversations in the Latin Classroom" Dr. Marianthe Colakis, author Lectiones Memorabiles Volume III: Selections from Caesar, Catullus, Horace, Livy, Ovid, and Vergil and Lectiones Memorabiles: Volume I: Selections from Catullus, Cicero, Livy, Ovid, Propertius, Tibullus, and Vergil; coauthor: Classical Mythology & More: A Reader Workbook and Excelability in Advanced Latin: A Workbook for Students.

November 2–3, 2018
Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
Franklin, TN
Representative: Laurel Draper

November 16–18, 2018
New Orleans Convention Center
New Orleans, LA
Representative: Donald Sprague

Classical Conferences and Meetings in 2019

January 3–6, 2019
San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina
San Diego, CA
Representatives: Bridget Dean, Donald Sprague, and Amelia Wallace

March 8–9, 2019
College of the Holy Cross
Worcester, MA
Representative: Donald Sprague

April 3–6, 2019
The Cornhusker at the invitation of the University of Nebraska
Lincoln, NE
Representatives: TBD

May 9–12, 2019
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI
Representatives: Laurel Draper and Adam Velez

June 27–29, 2019
Hilton Midtown
New York, NY
Representatives: TBD

July 26–31, 2019
North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND
Representatives: TBD