BC Latin Readers
These readers, written by experts in the field, provide well annotated Latin selections to be used as authoritative introductions to Latin authors, genres, or topics, for intermediate or advanced college Latin study. Their relatively small size (covering 500-600 lines) makes them ideal to use in combination.

Each volume includes a comprehensive introduction, bibliography for further reading, Latin text with notes at the back, and complete vocabulary. Nineteen volumes are scheduled for publication; others are under consideration. Check back often for series updates, author interviews, release dates and more.

A Roman Army Reader: Twenty-One Selections from Literary, Epigraphic, and Other Documents, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.2014.03.56

An Apuelius Reader: Selections from the Metamorphoses, New England Classical Journal 41.1 (2014)

Teaching Classical Languages
          "It is a fine series and the editors have been quite imaginative in how to select and present the passages."

Judith Lynn Sebesta,          
University of South Dakota          
Teaching Classical Languages 2011.Spring          

ABSTRACTS from BC Reader Authors
1. Latin in Small Packages: A Series Editor's Perspective. Ronnie Ancona (Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY)
2. Latin Epic. Alison M. Keith (University of Toronto)
3. Suetonius Segmented. Josiah Osgood (Georgetown University)
4. Seneca for Students: Six Suggestions. James Ker (University of Pennsylvania)
5. A Cicero Reader. James M. May (St. Olaf College)