Artes Latinae Lectiones Graded Readers Supplement - CD

Author: Waldo E. Sweet
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ISBN: 978-0-86516-397-3
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An excellent choice for current users of Lectiones Primae and Secundae wishing to augment their study of Latin, the Sententiae of the Graded Reader on CD-ROM presents the sententiae in enhanced multimedia form. These aphorisms, proverbs, and mottoes are designed to build vocabulary, strengthen grammar skills, and allow users to have fun with Latin. New concepts and vocabulary are introduced in the same order as in the Artes Latinae texts, so current users of Artes Latinae will find it easy to strengthen and expand their Latin skills.

Sententiae of the Graded Reader on CD-ROM can be used independently of Lectiones Primae and Secundae. However, because the songs, poems, and stories are not included on the CD-ROM, it is best used in conjunction with the full text of Lectiones Primae and Secundae.

Utilizing the highly acclaimed Transparent Language software, the program provides users with a detailed, easily accessible explication of each sentence. Users can click on a word to learn its person, gender, number, meaning, role in the sentence, and English derivatives. These convenient aids allow students to focus on reading Latin, rather than on the drudgery of poring over dictionaries and grammar references.

The experience is further enhanced by a recorded pronunciation of each sentence and of each individual word. Users can also record their own pronunciation and see a graphical comparison with the expert speaker's.

Special Features

  • Learn to Speak, Listen, Read and Write
  • Build Oral Proficiency
  • Record, Playback & Compare with this Interactive Program
  • Have Fun with Five Challenging Games

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